Pranic Lifestyle Summit 2020

An amazing three days of actionable information from world leading experts in the Pranic Lifestyle, Raw Food, Fasting, Energy Healing, Alternative Wellness, Consciousness Evolution and much more…

Live Online January 20th – 22nd

with Famously Renowned Pranic Lifestyle Experts From Around the World

Elitom El-amin

Author, Teacher

He’s a breatharian who has mastered the science leading to living on Energy, and lives food and water free, with over 19 years of experience in this energetic and scientific path.

Camila Castillo

Viral Breatharian Mother

She is the world renowned Breatharian mother whose incredible and inspiring story of being nurtured by light and conscious womanhood has reached thousands of people worldwide.

Audra Bear

Viral Breatharian Model

After discovering the life-changing power of breathwork and applying it daily, she sensed the wonderful feeling of Pranic nourishment and instantly no longer felt the need for solid foods for energy.

Akahi Ricardo

Breatharian Method Creator

Akahi is the world authority in Breatharian and Pranic Lifestyle, he is the creator of the scientifically proven Breatharian Method that has taught since 2008 to more than 50.000 people in 25 countries.

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