Breatharian-Pranic Couple tells their story

We’re so happy to have the opportunity to share upon our perspectives and lives

Please let it be very clear that we in no way promote or encourage people to stop eating. What we’ve done up to this point is share our personal experiences, as more and more people have become interested in knowing. We haven’t sought out opportunities to be on tv or newspaper/magazines, those opportunities have come to us, and we’ve utilized them to be able to clearly share what it is we teach and how that differs from imposing lifestyle choices on others. It seems that for the sake of entertainment the truth can get distorted. Read on to hear directly from *us*

We do eat, just not with the same frequency or intensity as the average person.
When we went through the “Pranic” Transition 21 Day Process ( nowadays we recommend the 8-Day Process ), our intention wasn’t to stop eating, but rather to heal on a genetic level information that gets passed through the generations and manifests in each person in different ways (like “hereditary” information). The not-eating was like a side effect that we freely explored when we were a young couple, without children, and also through Camila’s pregnancy. During that time we enjoyed mostly liquids, eating occasionally but surprisingly (to us also) not from hunger or a feeling of necessity.
We prefer to say Pranic Nourishment or Pranic Consciousness, over Breatharianism, because we are realizing more and more just how engrained the connection with not-eating + Breatharian has become, and we don’t want to nurture that belief. This is a natural state of freedom, not a diet*

We have been through so many phases of this Pranic Consciousness exploration, and now as a family find ourselves in the most flexible and enjoyable state of them all – pure freedom. I know it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that someone could say “I eat when I want to and for pleasure, and nourish myself from the joy that I experience in those moments” – but that’s how it is us.
We don’t have a formula as to how much we eat and when. We do it when we want to and when we don’t want to, we don’t  You can probably feel something similar in your life – it’s natural for us all to feel this freedom!

Regarding feeling nourished and healthy, obviously food exists to nourish us physically and our bodies are equipped with the perfect mechanisms to assimilate this process. When we receive our food with joy, with love, in lightness, we can truly receive the nourishment of the solid food. The psychological and emotional state that we receive the physical food with dictates the benefits we receive, and it can, in fact, be of greater nutritional value when done in positivity and joy – true cellular nourishment. When you eat out of fear, or in scarcity mode, or in emotional states like anger or sadness you’re doing the opposite to your body – you’re negatively influencing your body and your cells, receiving energy that depletes you, or makes you feel heaviness and even illness.

The state of Pranic Nourishment is about using the conscious connection to the source of life, or Prana, to our greatest benefit. We are all nourishing ourselves from Prana, but let’s be honest, supermarkets and supplements and dairy and meat are the huge money making industries that have created a lot of unnecessary dependencies in humanity. Due to those same dependencies, there are millions of people experiencing famine, the polarity to abundance. The dynamics that have been created in humanity have proven to disempower to so many, and this same trickle down system is responsible for these disparities. We don’t propose we have the end all solution, but we do feel like the majority of us have power over our own lives and the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves, and that one by one we have the capacity to create a more joy filled humanity

Our natural state as human beings is to be nourished and open and aware of this Prana – life source energy – that is
inside of us and all around us, in everything that exists. You don’t have to stop eating to experience this connection – in fact, if you learn to view your physical nourishment as Prana as well, then you will be doubly nourished and energized.

The Conscious Breath is the best tool we can use to access this energy source to nourish us, in body, mind, emotions,
and soul. In our Programs (The 8 Day Process and Pranic Woman Program) we teach people to increment the energy
they receive through conscious breathing techniques and physical exercises When the body has more energy, it’s
sharper and can filter the information it receives (like thoughts, or emotions) and be self-regulating. We can also self-heal through these techniques, improve our relationship with ourselves and with others, energize our cells, physically rejuvenate, improve our psychological and emotional state, and feel a greater connection to the “God-source”, or Universe, or our Higher Self (however you feel best calling it).
Just to be clear, we as intelligent adults can live in this way responsibly and with full awareness. However, as parents, we choose to give our children the healthiest lifestyle possible to create solid and healthy foundations for them. They eat fresh homemade food everyday – breakfast, lunch, and dinner + snacks in between like normal children, and are respected in all of their decisions and desires. We just don’t force them to eat if they’re not hungry or obligate them to finish their entire plate if they feel satisfied. It has to do with body autonomy and learning to care for and know oneself, which is very valuable for everyone, of every age. They are their people, and their lives don’t need to be the same as ours. We teach them to know their bodies, to respect them and love them and take care of their beautiful temples. They are aware of the conscious breath and love to play with their breathing, do OMs, meditate, do yoga with mama, and of course play, play, play!

We encourage people to look at our personal experiences as just that, our own. It’s not necessary to try to emulate what we’ve lived naturally, because each person has their own gifts and lessons to live, authentically.

Akahi and Camila*..

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