Feel the power of the Breath

Feel the power of the Breath

Our Journey towards Happiness and Wellbeing continues and more and more lightworkers are joining us from all around the world!

We’re in back in California from Costa Rica after teaching the amazing 8 Day Breatharian Process! While in the retreat, many of the participants shared their testimonials, and it is so inspiring to see the different ways the process manifests in each person. Happiness, all levels of healing, revelations, empowering insights, self-love, beautification, renewal, expansion, connection, understanding of life as a whole; we have all learned to celebrate life and to enjoy its magnificence from the eyes of the innocence.

After the retreat, we went to the beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica and we had an amazing time filled with joy and family love. It was a perfect experience for our kids family to get to know more deeply the work we do, and as well the perfect vacation to bring us closer to each other.

Check here some of the pics and watch the testimonial from Audra. She’s an advocate of conscious breathing and has a YouTube channel that you can also visit.

We are all so happy, inspired and feeling grateful to be able to do the life-changing work we do and to share it with you*

Stay tuned for our next email with participants testimonials on personal development, alternative healing, and benefits beyond expectations.

For your happiness,

Akahi* and Team
Founder - Breatharian Healing™

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