This Saturday you can begin to change your life, we will be right in your screen!

This Saturday you can begin to change your life, we will be right in your screen!

Hundreds of people are benefiting from the techniques we teach, they are simply perfect and I believe you will enjoy so much to more closely experience the work we do.

Gift yourself a life-empowering Saturday*

We have focused completely into healing and created a new modality that merges the power of Conscious Breathing and Prana Energy. This powerful technique is giving people their power back, to heal themselves and others.

Be there first, learning live and experiencing Akahi and Camila directly in your screen!

★ Click here to Join our upcoming free webinar, this Saturday, March 30th at 10 am PST

IN THIS WEBINAR, you will experience first hand alternative energy forms of healing. You will also learn how you can start to develop your healing powers, and the most proven techniques that have improved the health and wellbeing of 99% of our clients and students. No matter what your starting point is as a healer, the breathing techniques we’ll teach in the webinar will make you aware of the tremendous healing power within.

You will also learn:

- What the Steps are towards becoming an Energy Healer;
- Understand the body-spirit transformation to Healing Powers;
- The most proven and powerful healing modalities in the world;
- How to accelerate your healing talent;
- Firsthand our secret Breatharian Healing Techniques;
- Q&A session to share your thoughts.

By Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo
Founders of Breatharian Healing 
Saturday, 30th March 2019,  at 10:00 am PST
Login to webinar five minutes earlier
Length: 90 minutes
Time zone: Pacific Standard Time PST (US California) 
If you are really into getting your body recharged and free of stress, then this is for YOU!
Click here to Claim your spot now 
For your happiness*
Akahi & Camila

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