The First Breatharians of the World, Including Jesus, Buddha – New Video Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the video series that will introduce you to the foundations of Breatharian Healing and its unimaginable benefits.

In the video we talk about the first Breatharians of the world, Including Jesus and Buddha, and how they attained enlightenment via long periods of fasting to connect to Source Energy. We also talk about how you can begin to experience the incredible healing superpowers these masters were able to achieve.

We also present a keynote with the steps to be able to facilitate the Breatharian Healing Technique and the energy activation that we have created to undergo to enable the full potential of our inner healing force.


Our time in the Breatharian Healing Training was so powerful, filled with beautiful people and experiences that will be present for the rest of our lives.

So you may be asking what the people are saying about Breatharian Healing…..

Check the comments below!


We are sharing with the world a new energy of healing that is available for free all the time, with our comprehensive Conscious Breathing techniques. We gain energy, clarity, and control over our physiology and spirit, and as a consequence better performance of the body’s systems.

Stay tuned for my next free webinar*

Akahi and Camila*

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