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Akahi Breatharian Method will open your understanding to a newly developed intelligent way of Light and Energy. It is a platform to bring together like-minded people from all over the world to experience the evolution of consciousness and complete transformation of their thought processes and how to listen to their real selves. This program is aimed to make people go beyond their dependency on food as a source of life and utilize their inner energy to fuel their existence. This program will take beyond the universal spiritual energies for nourishment, energy, and information. Akahi 8 Day Process is extensively researched and approved by scientists in the world who themselves have been intrigued by the power of the program. Using the power of Water and Dry Fast combined with Conscious Breath Technology, the program structure is impactful enough to correct damaged DNA, generate and rejuvenate emotional, mental and physical well-being, regulate the oxygen intake in the body and align the nervous system in the best interest of the overall health of human body.

* Connect with a new and exciting source of Energy – the nourishment of the new millennium

* Experience Self-Healing & Cellular Rejuvenation through Advanced Pranic Breath Science

* Increase your Life-force Energy for happiness and wellbeing

* Dissolve & release any limiting thought patterns & mental conditioning

* Enjoy a profound new state of mental clarity and emotional stability

* Expand your higher senses through Extra-sensorial Energy Transmissions

* Liberate yourself and future generations from unhealthy genetic chains

* Activate your natural capacity to Live on Light.

Connect with a New Source of Energy

Become Healthier, Happier and Strong

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This Is What You Get With Akahi Breatharian Method

 *Step-by-step Akahi Breatharian Method video course taught in person by Akahi*

*Becoming Breatharian Book with guidelines to track your amazing healing and transformation.

*Life Time Access. learn, and experience the benefits of the program at your own pace.

*Available on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computers). Access the training anywhere!

*Exclusive access to Akahi Breatharian Method Facebook Community. Ask questions, share your experiences or just hang out with like-minded people.

An extraordinary process to reveal your mastery, in the most exciting time in the history of the evolution of humanity.

“Ignite your Superconscious State and Change your Life”


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