8 Day Process – Costa Rica, July 15, 2018

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Beautiful friends – Join Akahi & Camila for the legendary *8 DAY PROCESS* International Pranic Retreat In-person taking place in Turrialba, Costa Rica for 2017.

Mind Expanding ~ Super Conscious ~ Life Changing Retreat ~ Sacred Opportunity to Upgrade your life into true Mastery* and Infinite Possibilities*

The 8DP retreat is for all of us who feel called to embrace the new quantum leap in human consciousness, the permanent state of Living from Love. We invite you to gift yourself these sacred 8-days, free from distractions, to focus deeply within, in complete stillness, peace, and joy! Let go of old fears and limitations. Awaken your natural ability to be in the *PRANIC State*, Living on Love, Living on Light.

During this beautiful 8-Day Retreat, you will receive a perfect sequence of Pranic Breathing sessions, a powerful new inner science guided by Akahi (and Camila too!), exploring simple & potent tools for Pranic Living, and accompanied by a recommended plan with your favorite fruits, juices, and 3-day water fast. (3 days dry fast optional)

We invite you to plan ahead in order to eliminate distractions during these powerful and sacred 8 days (e.g. unhook from the phone, email, the internet, reading materials), allowing a deep focus within, in silence, in peace, in stillness.

To support you in having the perfect experience, we are staying at a gorgeous retreat site surrounded by nature and serenity, with Akahi, Camila, and other program participants.

For 2017 our process will be held at the beautiful natural location one hour from San Jose in the City of Turrialba – Costa Rica.

Full details email will be sent after registration.


Akahi* seven years in the non-necessity of food, interview in radio and TV, the inner science of self nourishment that has regenerate his entire body, and thousands of people, traveling the world accompanying the evolution of humanity.

 Real Empowering Tools from a True Pranic BreathAirian Master, together with you and wonderful like-minded people from around the world in a unique 8DP* enlightening, healing and transformative experience.

plus the capacity to not need food or physical sources of energy, renowned scientists and researchers around the world are observing a Restructuring of damaged DNA, Optimize the amount of oxygen and life force in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body for the control over the  autonomous nervous system, and to enhance your immune system for immediate and everlasting healing and prevention of chronic diseases, obtaining mental clarity and concentration as a consequence of a higher intelligence of love and well-being.


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